The web has been good for news. More people have access to news than ever before, and distribution costs online are very small compared to print. But producing high-quality content costs money, and the current revenue models don't work for most publications.

Even for sites with millions of unique visitors, online ads may not bring in sustainable revenue, and subscription-based paywalls frustrate consumers, who often arrive at (and are interested in reading) an individual article.

bit˘ents offers a solution: an easy-to-integrate micropayment system. Publishers set the price for their content, and consumers can browse the web seamlessly, paying only for the content they actually want.

The benefits of bitcents

  • A new revenue stream to supplement online advertising.
  • Easy integration: just four lines of code and two files.
  • You have full control over pricing.
  • Low transaction costs.
  • Web-friendly design works with any web-enabled device with no extra work on your part.
  • Maximize traffic by keeping your content discoverable through search engines and aggregator sites.
  • Can be implemented alongside your current registration system.

Get started now

bit˘ents isn't for every publisher. The wide availability of general national and international news online means that many people are unwilling to pay for such content, either by subscription or by micropayment. Local news, high-quality commentary, and news aimed at a particular industry or niche interest is scarcer, as is specialized academic or legal content. Your site may offer content that falls into different categories, and bit˘ents allows you to create a pricing model that reflect those differences.

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