Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. We also take plain language seriously, which is why we've tried to make this policy easy to understand.


By using bitcents to pay for a visit to a particular page, you'll be interacting with three different websites: (1) the publisher, (2) bitcents, and (3) your subscriber network. The policy below covers how bitcents stores and uses information. You should read this document in conjunction with the privacy policies of the publishers you visit and that of your subscriber network.


bitcents will only retain information necessary to provide and bill for its services and to protect its systems and its partners' systems against fraud and abuse. bitcents will never use data supplied to it to send unsolicited communications. Nor will bitcents ever sell or otherwise distribute your information to a third party except when required to do so by a valid legal order.

Server Logs

Every time you visit any page on the web, the computer that sends you the page (called a server) makes a record (or log) of that request which includes the time and date, the IP address that made the request, the page requested, and some other basic information.

Since bitcents works closely with its partner publishers and subscriber networks, you will be requesting pages from bitcents when you visit the sites of those partners. When you log in to your subsciber network, you will automatically visit the bitcents site as well, which allows bitcents to associate your subsequent payments with your subscriber network accout. Additionally, when you view the page of a publisher using bitcents, you will see a footer provided by bitcents that shows you the cost of the page and provides you with other options defined by your subscriber network.

bitcents never associates the information in a server log with any other form of information about you, and bitcents deletes its server logs after six months. Please note, however, that this policy does not affect how long publishers or subscriber networks retain their server logs.


To use bitcents, you must have cookies enabled. bitcents and its partners use cookies--small text files stored by your web browser--so that you don't have to log in to view each individual page. bitcents deletes all cookies associated with your account each time you close your browser.

Additionally, publishers using bitcents will use a cookie to verify that you have been shown their pricing page. Everyone's pricing cookie is the same--it contains no information about you or your account--and it expires after 60 days.

Other information retained by bitcents

When you register with a bitcents subscriber network, that network may collect your name, address, and billing details in order to charge you for the content you view. Information you provide to your subscriber network is retained by it in accordance with its privacy policy, and none of that information is passed to bitcents or to publishers.

Your subscriber network will assign a unique number to your account, which it will pass to bitcents so that the pages you view can be accurately recorded and billed. bitcents will link the unique number associated with your account to the pages you visit. That link will be retained for three months. During that period, you will not be charged to view the page again.

If you choose the "additional privacy protections" option from your subscriber network, the content you read is not linked to your accountyour account. That means you will be charged each time you view a priced page--even if those views are in rapid succession (for example if you hit refresh). Additionally, because we do not associate your account with any page, some premium services from your subscriber network may be unavailable to you. Regardless of the level of privacy you choose, bitcents will never sell or otherwise distribute your information to a third party except when required to do so by a valid legal order.

bitcents uses aggregated data from Google Analytics to improve its website and services. Such aggregated data include geographical location, page tracking, submission of forms, ISP, computer hardware/software specifications and many other stats, but no personal information is used or passed to Google Analytics. For more information on the Google Analytics Privacy Policy, visit http://www.google.com/privacy.html.

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