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Frequently-asked questions

What is a subscriber network?

A subscriber network is how you as a consumer will interact with the bitcents micropayment system. bitcents brings together publishers around the world so that consumers can browse the web seamlessly, paying for premium content as they read it. But we also know how important choice is for stimulating innovation and improving user experience; that's why subscriber networks are an important part of bitcents. Every network offers its subscribers full access to the content from any bitcents publisher partner. But networks are also able to offer addtional tools and services, and to tailor their services to their users (in a particular region, for example, or for a particular interest group).

How much does it cost?

Publishers set their own prices. The first time you visit a site, you will be taken to that publisher's pricing page, and you can see that page at any time by visiting example.com/pricing.php. In addition, on every bitcents-enabled page, you'll see how the price of that page in the lower right-hand corner, along with the logo of your subscriber network.

If I use a pre-pay subscriber network, can I get my unspent balance refunded to me?

Yes, less a fee of 10% or $1.00, whichever is greater.

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