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bit˘ents is a new micropayment platform that offers an easy way to discover and read premium content online. Once you've registered with a subscriber network, you can access content from any bit˘ents publishing partner. That means fewer registration forms to complete, fewer passwords to remember and no more worrying if all your online subscriptions are up to date. You only pay for what you actually read, and with transparent pricing and plenty of choice, you're always in charge.

As a consumer, your primary relationship will be with your subscriber network. We're here to help you find a network that will meet your needs, and to answer any questions you have about how the bit˘ents technology works.

Get started now: choose a subscriber network.

Every network will give you full access to content from any bit˘ents publisher partner, but each network also offers additional tools, features and services.

Network Register Features Payment options
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  • all tppnce profits go to literacy and journalism charities
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